About Arageli

Arageli is C++ library for computations in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, linear and integer linear programming.  Arageli provides routines supporting precise, i.e. symbolic or algebraic, computations.  It contains definitions of basic algebraic structures such as integer numbers with arbitrary precision, rational numbers, vectors, matrices, polynomials etc. 

You can download the library and documentation and read online documentation. Also you can learn more about us. If you already use the library and expirience problems or you have questions or suggestions to the developers, please, contact Arageli Support Service or go to the forum.

Latest News

2007-10-11   Arageli Repository was relocated to SourceForge.net.

2006-09-03   A short overview of Arageli was reported at ICMS'2006.

2006-08-31   New "release" is available. Go to Download Page.

2006-08-02   The site became on-line.

2006-07-19   The first significant update of this site.  The site became an official site of the library.

2006-06-20   The Arageli Home Page was firstly published at this location.

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